Best Student Paper Award

The ConTEL 2015 Technical Program Committee (TPC) is pleased to announce the Best Student Paper Award (BSPA) contest. The winner will be announced at the conference closing.

The deadline for nominations is July 10, 2015.

Paper eligibility

  1. A paper is eligible if the first author is a full-time student (enrolled in undergraduate, M.S. or Ph.D. program) at the time of submission, or has completed a graduate program no more than a year before submitting a paper.
  2. The student must be the first author and primary developer of the idea.
  3. The student must have done the work as part of an academic degree program.
  4. The professor (advisor) must nominate the paper for the award. The competition guidelines are listed below.
  5. The student must present the paper at the conference.

Competition guidelines

  1. To enter the competition, the student must be registered for the conference.
  2. The student must provide a proof of student status (to be attached to the nomination e-mail, see below).
    Note: If the student has already sent a proof of student status together with the registration, it is not necessary to submit it again.
  3. The nomination must be made by the professor (student’s mentor/academic advisor) (please use the BSPA nomination form)The nomination consists of a paragraph certifying that the nominee is the main author and contributor of the paper, that he/she is a student at the time of the nomination or that she/he has completed a graduate program no more than a year before submitting a paper, and a brief description of the contribution of the paper and the main reason for nomination for the award. The advisor’s contact information should also be included.
  4. Nominations are limited to one per advisor.
  5. The nomination should be sent to Mario Kusek by e-mail, no later than July 10, 2015.

(Note: For e-mail, please use the subject line: “Nomination for the ConTEL 2015 best student paper award”, or click here to set it automatically.)

Candidates with incomplete, incorrect or invalid nominations will be disqualified.

BSPA Committee 

The chair of the BSPA committee consists of Program chairs:

  1. Professor Wilfried Gappmair, Graz University of Technology, Austria
  2. Professor Mario Kusek, University of Zagreb, Croatia

The committee may enlist other TPC members for help in paper evaluation.

Selection procedure

The BSPA will be given to student author(s) of the paper selected by a panel of judges coordinated by the BSPA committee.

The final papers (as submitted to EDAS), as well as the original reviews from the paper review procedure will be made available to the BSPA committee members for review.

The BSPA committee members will also attend the candidates’ presentations at the conference. The committee may enlist other members from the TPC and the audience to ask questions.

Based on both the submitted paper review ratings and the presentation, the awards committee will select the Best Student Paper. The winner will be announced at the conference dinner.

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