PhD Forum

PhD Forum Proceedings

***** PhD Forum proceedings are HERE. *****

PhD Forum Organization

The PhD Forum provides an opportunity for doctoral students to present their work in the areas of ICT related to the ConTEL 2017 conference topics to a wider community of researchers from academia and industry. The forum aims to encourage interaction and networking among doctoral students, as well as with the audience.

Steering Committee
Dinko Begušić, University of Split
Tihana Galinac-Grbac, University of Rijeka
Darko Huljenić, Ericsson Nikola Tesla
Maja Matijašević, University of Zagreb
Drago Žagar, Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek

Program & Organizing Committee
Ognjen Dobrijević, University of Zagreb (Chair)
Višnja Križanović Čik, Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek
Goran Mauša, University of Rijeka
Petar Šolić, University of Split

PhD Forum Programme

Wednesday, June 28, 2017
15.00-17.00, room “Mediteran”

Session Chairs: Ognjen Dobrijević (University of Zagreb, Croatia) and Višnja Križanović Čik (Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek, Croatia)


The PhD Forum consists of a poster session, preceded by a fast-paced introduction by each student that offers a preview of the posters. Each student is given a strictly-timed 2-minutes’ slot to present a “pitch talk” about her/his research. The purpose of the pitch talk is to provide a brief outline of one’s doctoral research work, with the goal to raise awareness and generate further discussion over the poster session and coffee break that follow.

Pitch Talk Presentations (with a short break, to be announced)

On Location privacy vulnerabilities in WiFi networks
Ante Dagelic, Mario Cagalj and Toni Perkovic
Energy efficient service provisioning in Machine-to-Machine systems
Pavle Skocir and Gordan Jezic
Choosing application layer protocols for IoT devices
Tomislav Štefanec and Mario Kusek
YouTube QoE Classification Based on Monitoring of Encrypted Traffic
Irena Orsolic and Lea Skorin-Kapov
Analysis of Evolving Software-Systems as Complex Networks
Sanja Grbac Babić and Tihana Galinac Grbac
Adaptive streaming algorithms used in MPEG DASH – QoE problem
Jelena Vlaovic and Drago Zagar
Visual Servoing for Mobile Robot Manipulators
Petra Đurović and Robert Cupec
Early Forest Fire Detection with Deep Neural Networks
Dunja Gotovac and Darko Stipaničev
Teleoperation of Mobile Service Robots Over the Network: Challenges and Possible Solutions
Stanko Kruzic and Josip Music
Towards SDN-enabled Application-aware Network Control Architectures
Susanna Schwarzmann, Thomas Zinner and Phuoc Tran-Gia
Objective Real-Time Video Quality Assessment
Jurica Šalavardić and Ratko Grbić
Quality of Experience Driven Video Encoding Adaptation Strategies for Cloud Gaming under Network Constraints
Ivan Slivar and Lea Skorin-Kapov
Decision Support System for Managing Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
Dario Pevec and Vedran Podobnik
Towards QoE-driven service configuration strategies for multi-party mobile video conferencing
Dunja Vucic and Lea Skorin-Kapov
Building an Agent-Based Model for Study of Product Development Team’s Adaptability
Marija Majda Perisic, Mario Storga and Vedran Podobnik
Stochastic approaches in computational electromagnetics and bioelectromagnetism: the inclusion of stochastic parameter variability
Anna Susnjara and Dragan Poljak
Analysis of the New CMS Detector Design Properties
Marina Prvan and Julije Ozegovic

Poster Presentations over coffee

An open session for discussion with all students standing next to their posters.