This is the final program as of June 19, 2017.

The program-at-a-glance shows the structure of all conference related activities, including technical and social events. The accepted papers to be presented are listed below.

Note: There is no need to print this program. All registered participants will receive the program booklet as a part of their registration package. The conference badge serves as a ticket for all coffee breaks and social events.

The Conference Registration Desk will open on each day at 8:30 AM.

Program at-a-glance

Day /
Wednesday, June 28 Thursday, June 29 Friday, June 30
8:30-9:00 Conference registration
9:00-10:30 W-1:
Special Session on Enhanced Living Environments (ELEMENT-2017) 
Special Session on Connected Health Technologies (COHEAT 2017)
Keynote talk: Philippe Cudré-Mauroux: “Big Data Integration”

Human-centric Communications in Smart Networks (HUTS) Workshop (part 1)
10:30-11:00 Coffee and Tea Break Coffee and Tea Break &
HUTS poster session
11:00-12:30 W-2:
Optical and Radio Communications
Network Traffic and Control
F-2 (11:15-12:30):
Human-centric Communications in Smart Networks (HUTS) Workshop (part 2)
12:30-13:30 Lunch Break
13:30-14:30 W-3:
Opening ceremony
Keynote talk: Siniša Krajnović
“5G and Radio Access Network Architecture”
Keynote talk: Wolfgang Kellerer
“Flexnets: Evaluating Flexibility
in Softwarized Communication Networks”
 14:30-15:00 Coffee and Tea Break
15:00-17:00 W-4:
PhD Forum
Applications: Crisis and Disaster Management,
Internet of Things and Social Networks
Social program 18:30 Sightseeing tour
(please sign-up at the registration desk)
19:30 Conference dinner

Session coding:
– general conference [day]-[no.], where day is {[W]ednesday, [T]hursday, [F]riday}, no. is {1,2,3,4}

Day-by-day program overview

Below you can find a day-by-day overview and a detailed list of technical presentations (the easiest way to search for a specific title or author is by using your browser search function (Ctrl+F)).

Wednesday, June 28

09:00 – 10:30

W-1: Special Session on Enhanced Living Environments (ELEMENT-2017)

Session Chair: Zeljka Car (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
A Game Theoretic Formulation of the Technical Debt Management Problem in Cloud Systems
Georgios Skourletopoulos, Constandinos X.
Mavromoustakis, George Mastorakis, John N. Sahalos, Jordi Mongay Batalla and Ciprian Dobre
Analysis of ICT-based Assistive Solutions for People with Disabilities
Andrea Pirša, Leon Rokić, Hrvoje Vdović, Lara Vertlberg, Matea Žilak, Zeljka Car and Vedran Podobnik
Real-Time Wireless UWB Sensor Network for Person Monitoring
Milos Drutarovsky, Dusan Kocur, Maria Svecova, Nuno M. Garcia
Identification of real and imaginary movements in EEG using Machine Learning models
Nuno Pombo, Mariana Moreira and Nuno M. Garcia
An unobtrusive tool for the detection of mental focus depletion
John Gialelis, Stavros Koubias, Panos Pavlou, Christos Panagiotou, Nuno Pombo and Nuno M. Garcia

11:00 – 12:30

W-2: Optical and Radio Communications

Session Chair: Branko Mikac (University of Zagreb, Croatia)

Impact of Dimming and Aperture on the Optical Wireless Performance in Public Street Lighting
Florian Knobloch
FSO System Performance Evaluation Based on Calibrated Atmospheric Channel Emulation
Hristo Ivanov, Thomas Plank, Christoph Pock and Erich Leitgeb
The Future of Optical Interconnects for Data Centers: A Review of Technology Trends
Slavisa Aleksic
An Efficient Receiver Architecture for Burst Reception At Very Low SNR
Johannes Ebert, Harald Schlemmer, Eral Tuerkyilmaz, Wilfried Gappmair, Juan J. Rivera Castro and Stefano Cioni
Joint Channel Estimation for TDS-OFDM Based on Superimposed Training
Emad Farouk, Mona Saleh, Michael Ibrahim and Salwa Elramly

13:30 – 14:30

W-3: Opening session with keynote talk by Siniša Krajnović “5G and Radio Access Network Architecture”

Session Chairs: Maja Matijašević (University of Zagreb, Croatia) and Erich Leitgeb (Graz University of Technology, Austria)
Conference Opening
Siniša Krajnović (Vice President and Head of Development Unit (Engineering) for Network Products
Ericsson, Sweden)

15:00 – 17:00

W-4: PhD Forum

Session Chairs: Ognjen Dobrijevic (University of Zagreb, Croatia) and Visnja Krizanovic (Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek)
Pitch Talk Presentations (with a short break, to be announced)
On Location privacy vulnerabilities in WiFi networks
Ante Dagelic, Mario Cagalj and Toni Perkovic
Energy efficient service provisioning in Machine-to-Machine systems
Pavle Skocir and Gordan Jezic
Choosing application layer protocols for IoT devices
Tomislav Štefanec and Mario Kusek
YouTube QoE Classification Based on Monitoring of Encrypted Traffic
Irena Orsolic and Lea Skorin-Kapov
Analysis of Evolving Software-Systems as Complex Networks
Sanja Grbac Babić and Tihana Galinac Grbac
Adaptive streaming algorithms used in MPEG DASH – QoE problem
Jelena Vlaovic and Drago Zagar
Visual Servoing for Mobile Robot Manipulators
Petra Đurović and Robert Cupec
Early Forest Fire Detection with Deep Neural Networks
Dunja Gotovac and Darko Stipaničev
Teleoperation of Mobile Service Robots Over the Network: Challenges and Possible Solutions
Stanko Kruzic and Josip Music
Towards SDN-enabled Application-aware Network Control Architectures
Susanna Schwarzmann, Thomas Zinner and Phuoc Tran-Gia
Objective Real-Time Video Quality Assessment
Jurica Šalavardić and Ratko Grbić
Quality of Experience Driven Video Encoding Adaptation Strategies for Cloud Gaming under Network Constraints
Ivan Slivar and Lea Skorin-Kapov
Decision Support System for Managing Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
Dario Pevec and Vedran Podobnik
Towards QoE-driven service configuration strategies for multi-party mobile video conferencing
Dunja Vucic and Lea Skorin-Kapov
Building an Agent-Based Model for Study of Product Development Team’s Adaptability
Marija Majda Perisic, Mario Storga and Vedran Podobnik
Stochastic approaches in computational electromagnetics and bioelectromagnetism: the inclusion of stochastic parameter variability
Anna Susnjara and Dragan Poljak
Analysis of the New CMS Detector Design Properties
Marina Prvan and Julije Ozegovic
Poster Presentations
An open session for discussion with students standing next to their posters. 

Thursday, June 29

09:00 – 10:30

T-1: Special Session on Connected Health Technologies (COHEAT 2017)

Session Chair: Hrvoje Belani (Croatian Health Insurance Fund, Croatia)
Introducing a Framework for Reporting Behavioral Informatics Interventions
Christos Maramis, Ioanna Chouvarda, Nicos Maglaveras and Minna Isomursu
ICT-Assisted Personalized Therapy and Rehabilitation in Urinary Incontinence
Kristina Drusany Starič, Petra Bukovec, Brian Caulfield, Ana Madevska Bogdanova and Hrvoje Belani
Usability of Mobile Connected Health Applications: Challenges and Solutions in Design and Evaluation
Jan Stage
Deep learning methods for early seizure alert system
Tomas Iesmantas and Robertas Alzbutas

11:00 – 12:30

T-2: Network Traffic and Control

Session Chair: Ivan Gojmerac (Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria)
A cross-comparison between TCP and AQM Algorithms: which is the best Couple for Congestion Control?
Carlo Augusto Grazia, Natale Patriciello, Martin Klapez and Maurizio Casoni
A Dynamic Data Routing Solution for Opportunistic Networks
Radu-Ioan Ciobanu, Ciprian Dobre, Daniel Reina and Sergio Toral
QoE Maximizing Bitrate Control for Live Video Streaming on a Mobile Uplink
Koichi Nihei, Hiroshi Yoshida, Natsuki Kai, and Kozo Satoda
Toward Information-Centric Software-Defined Cellular Networks
Vassilios G. Vassilakis, Ioannis Moscholios, Bander A. Alzahrani and Michael D. Logothetis
Reducing Cellular Networks Power Consumption: the role of Resource Pooling and Cooperation
Martin Klapez, Carlo Augusto Grazia and Maurizio Casoni

13:30 – 14:30

T-3: Keynote talk by Wolfgang Kellerer “Flexnets: Evaluating Flexibility in Softwarized Communication Networks”

Session Chairs: Erich Leitgeb (Graz University of Technology, Austria) and Maja Matijasevic (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Wolfgang Kellerer (Head of the Institute of Communication Networks)
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Technical University of Munich, Germany

15:00 – 17:00

T-4: Applications: Crisis and Disaster Management, Internet of Things and Social Networks

Session Chair: Mario Kusek (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Requirements for the next Generation Public Warning and Alert System for Austria
Alexander Preinerstorfer, Maria Egly, Ivan Gojmerac, Christine Schuster, Christoph Hochwarter and Robert Stocker
International Forest Firefighting Concepts based on Aerial Support Strategies
Alexander Almer, Thomas Schnabel, Sabine Lukas, Roland Perko, Armin Köfler and Viktoria Pammer-Schindler
Security Framework for Visual Sensors and Smart Camera Networks
Kresimir Grgic, Vedran Mendelski and Drago Zagar
An Approach to User interactions with IoT-enabled Spaces
Denis Gracanin, Mohamed Handosa, Hicham G. Elmongui and Kresimir Matkovic
Towards Context Classification and Reasoning in IoT
Abayomi Otebolaku and Gyu Myoung Lee
Applying the binary classification methods for discovering the best friends on an online social network
Maja Stupalo, Juraj Ilić, Luka Humski, Zoran Skocir, Damir Pintar and Mihaela Vranić

Friday, June 30

09:00 – 10:30

Keynote talk by Philippe Cudré-Mauroux “Big Data Integration”

Session Chairs: Ivana Podnar Zarko (University of Zagreb, Croatia) and Igor S. Pandzic (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Philippe Cudré-Mauroux
Professor at University of Fribourg, Switzerland
Head of eXascale Infolab

Human-centric Communications in Smart Networks (HUTS) Workshop (part 1)

Mobile crowd sensing in urban areas: the noise monitoring use case
Sanja Grubesa, Martina Marjanovic, Aleksandar Antonic and Ivana Podnar Zarko

Complex service composition in Internet of Things
Damjan Katusic and Gordan Jezic

11:15 – 12:30

Human-centric Communications in Smart Networks (HUTS) Workshop (part 2)

Session Chair: Igor S. Pandzic (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Vision-based Gaze Estimation and its Applications
Nenad Markus and Igor S. Pandzic
Voice Controlled Quiz for People with Hearing Impairment
Marin Vuković and Željka Car
Quality of Experience for Virtual Reality: Methodologies, Research Testbeds and Evaluation Studies
Mirko Suznjevic and Maja Matijasevic
A Quality-based Optimization for Inter-Data-Center Routing: Mathematical Model and Heuristic Algorithms
Sanja Grubesa, Ognjen Dobrijevic and Maja Matijasevic