Instructions for presenters

*** The list of papers and posters to be presented in the PhD Forum on Thursday, July 13, is available in the PhD Program (as well as in the main program). ***

Step-by-step guide for presenters

Successful participation at the PhD Forum includes preparing a presentation of one’s doctoral thesis research in three given formats:

  • a 2-page extended abstract (short paper),
  • a 4-slide slide presentation for a 2-minute pitch talk, and,
  • a poster to be displayed and discussed in a poster session at the conference.

Step 1: Extended abstract for review [phase completed]

Doctoral students are invited to submit a two-page extended abstract for review and possible inclusion in the PhD Forum program.

The content of the submission should focus on one’s own research work and future thesis contribution – not the work of the research team (or the project they are involved in) as a whole.

The abstracts should be formatted according to the ConTEL 2023 paper submission instructions but limited to two (2) pages in total and submitted electronically before the submission deadline via the EDAS Conference and Journal Management System. The extended abstract should contain the title, the name and affiliation of the student and her/his advisor(s), the abstract, the research topic presentation, graphical illustrations to aid the presentation, and the list of references.

Step 2: Poster

The authors of accepted submissions will be asked to prepare a poster, to be personally presented by the doctoral student at the PhD Forum session of the conference. The format of the poster should be A1 (paper size: 594 mm x 841 mm) with portrait orientation. For convenience, a PowerPoint Poster Template is available.

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The authors will be invited to submit the final version, revised according to the reviewers’ comments, to be published in the PhD Forum Book of Abstracts after the conference. The final version should be submitted in the same way as the initial version for review, by using EDAS.

Step 3: Live (pitch talk) presentation

The PhD Forum will be organized as a poster session, preceded by a fast-paced introduction by each student that offers a preview of the posters.

Each student will be given a strictly-timed 2-minutes’ slot to present a “pitch talk” about her/his research. The purpose of the pitch talk is to provide a brief outline of one’s doctoral research work, with the goal to raise awareness and generate further discussion over the poster session that follows next.

The slide presentation to accompany the pitch talk may contain at most four (4) slides. The first slide should provide the information on the presenter (title of the abstract, student’s name, advisor’s name, and respective affiliation(s) and contact e-mail addresses. The remaining three slides should cover the research motivation, problem description, methodology, and (preliminary) results.

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Step 4: Poster session

The ConTEL 2023 conference program, including the PhD Forum pitch talks and poster session, will take place at the conference venue and location (Graz University of Technology).

The audience will have the opportunity to view the posters and informally discuss their content with the PhD students.

Best poster and best presentation awards

All posters will enter the competition for the best poster and best presentation. The winners will be elected by popular vote.

The winners will be announced at the Awards ceremony.