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PhD Forum Proceedings

***** PhD Forum proceedings are HERE. *****

The PhD Forum provides an opportunity for doctoral students to present their work related to the ConTEL 2021 conference topics to a wider community of researchers from academia and industry. Its aim is also to encourage interaction and networking among doctoral students from different universities.

How it works

Doctoral students are invited to submit a two-page extended abstract for review and possible inclusion in the PhD Forum program.

Call for submissions is also available as (PDF) .

The content of the submission should focus on one’s own research work and future thesis contribution – not the work of research team (or the project they are involved in) as a whole.

Here are the detailed instructions and templates for PhD Forum authors on how to prepare their papers (extended-abstracts), posters, and presentations.

The sequence of events related to the PhD Forum is described below.

The extended abstracts should be formatted according to the ConTEL 2021 regular paper format, but limited to two (2) pages in total, and submitted electronically before the submission deadline, via EDAS (PhD Forum track). The extended abstract should contain the title, the name and the affiliations of the student and her/his advisor(s), the summary of research goals/results (of maximum 150 words), the research topic presentation, graphical illustrations to aid the presentation, and the list of references.

All submissions will be reviewed, and once the review process is complete, the authors will received a notification containing the reviewers’ comments and the review outcome (acceptance or rejection).

The authors of accepted submissions will be asked to prepare a poster, to be personally presented by the doctoral student at the Forum.

The PhD Forum will be organized as a poster session, preceded by a fast-paced introduction by each student that offers a preview of the posters. Each student will be given a strictly-timed 2-minutes’ slot to present a “pitch talk” about her/his research. The purpose of the pitch talk is to provide a brief outline of one’s doctoral research work, with the goal to raise awareness and generate further discussion over the poster session that follows next.

Review process

To keep within the time limits of PhD Forum as a whole, the number of PhD presentations/posters will be limited to 20. All submissions will be reviewed by the PhD Forum Program & Organizing Committee and/or other TPC members and reviewers involved in the main conference, based on relevance to the conference, innovativeness, and quality of presentation. All accepted and presented submissions will be included in the Book of Abstracts of the ConTEL 2021 PhD Forum, to be published after the conference.


For authors of accepted presentations/posters, who already registered for the conference, the PhD Forum registration fee is waived (i. e., they are not required to do pay an extra registration).

For authors of accepted presentations/posters (not registered otherwise), the PhD Forum registration fee is 100 EUR and it includes: 1) PhD Forum participation; 2) Book of Abstracts (printed and electronic version); 3) access to other ConTEL 2021 conference sessions; 4) coffee breaks; conference luncheons; 5) accommodation.

For authors of accepted presentations/posters (not registered otherwise), who participate online-only, PhD Forum registration fee is reduced to 50 EUR and it includes: 1) PhD Forum participation; 2) Book of Abstracts (electronic version only); 3) online access to other ConTEL 2021 conference sessions.

Registration for the PhD Forum is available via this link.

For other students (all levels: B. Sc., M. Sc. and PhD) who only attend the PhD Forum event (not the conference), there will be no registration fee but a (free) registration is required. To use this option, please send e-mail to to the Organizing Committee Chair Jasna Slavinić ().


Steering Committee

Maja Matijašević, University of Zagreb, Chair
Dinko Begušić, University of Split
Tihana Galinac-Grbac, Juraj Dobrila University of Pula
Darko Huljenić, Ericsson Nikola Tesla
Drago Žagar, Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek

Program & Organizing Committee

Irena Oršolić, University of Zagreb, Chair
Andrej Grgurić, Ericsson Nikola Tesla
Višnja Križanović, Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek
Goran Mauša, University of Rijeka
Maja Škiljo, University of Split
Reinhard Teschl, Graz University of Technology

Previous events

The 2021 PhD Forum is the sixth in the series. The previous editions of this event were co-organized and co-located with the following ICT-related conferences taking place in Croatia: